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Welcome! I’m Carroll H. “Bubba” Schlader and I offer personal, thoughtful, innovative Extended Care Financial Planning Solutions for people age 40+. You’re probably reading this because someone referred you to me. I hope this introduction will encourage you to take the next step and email or call me to discuss your unique situation.

I specialize in 2 areas in my practice:

1 – Crisis Planning: working with seniors who have waited too late to plan ahead for extended care, need care soon or right now, and cannot afford the quantity or quality of care they need without spending down their life savings to the poverty level. This circumstance is the most costly because the consequences are robbing the lifestyle, well-being, and health of the caregiver spouse or child. Monetarily, extended care is terribly expensive and can be the most expensive event of a lifetime for middle-income families… especially with people living longer than ever before.

I know extended care: my crisis work involves day-in and day-out contact with residents and staff in assisted living communities, home care agencies, and nursing homes. I help them and their families make quality extended care affordable and preserve assets for future family and legacy needs.

2 – Extended Care Planning for the 70% probability that you will need extended care if you live to be age 651. What type of care do you prefer… in-home or in a senior community? How much will it cost in 20 years… 30 years? How much of it will you be able to pay out of your retirement income? How much of it do you need to leverage with an insurance company… aka: risk management? The younger and healthier you are when you prepare and fund your plan, the less expensive it is and the more options you will have!

Experienced: For over 35 years, I have been dedicated to helping individuals and families in the Northeast Florida area. One of the most important aspects of my practice is that I am independent: I do not work for any government agency, insurance/annuity/investment company, law firm, or for whoever may have referred you to me.

I am uniquely qualified:

Professional credentials:

  • Certification in Long-Term Care (CLTC)
  • Accredited by Office of General Counsel – Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Security-Credentialed VA Affiliate
  • Long Term Care Insurance licensed
  • Graduate of Terry College of Business, University of Georgia
  • I worked as a CPA with Ernst & Young in my earlier career.


  • American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
  • Certification for Long-Term Care Board
  • National Care Planning Council
  • Office of the General Counsel – U S Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Col. Daniel O. Davis, U S Army, Chaplain, retired, Jacksonville
  • The person or company who referred you to me

I appreciate the opportunity to serve you and will appreciate your referrals.

(1) reference: Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)

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I cannot thank you enough for the service you are providing… a tremendous ease on the stress of finding assistance for my father’s care. Kindest regards