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Bubba was a big help to me once it was decided that my parents were needing to be in assisted living. Receiving benefits is what made it all possible for mom and dad to enjoy a better quality of life in a nice senior community. “Thanks Bubba” your help was...


This has been a huge weight off our shoulders and I wanted to thank you again for everything!


I have spent my career working with Federal, State and local governments. So I thought I could easily navigate the complexities of the VA. Not true at all! I couldn’t have done it without Bubba’s help. I highly recommend his advice.


Bubba’s information and assistance was invaluable in establishing VA surviving spousal income for mother. She is now 97 and living comfortably in a very nice assisted living facility.


I had an opportunity to work with Bubba in an attempt to obtain my father’s VA benefits. He was very helpful in walking us through this process and my dad was awarded the full amount. Bubba was always quick to return phone calls or email. He made a very...